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Surveillance, Investigation & Report Robot: S-I-Robot™

B-Robotics helps security companies and government bodies build Autonomous Robots and Autonomous Networks that facilitate and automate a suite of monitoring, security and safe distancing functions.
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What Would Better Security Systems look like?

While companies and building owners are already paying out of pocket to install cameras, and hire security guards to guard their premises, security lapses still occur due to the highly reactive nature of traditional security measures. There must be a better way.
Always on
Reduce lag time and shift changes
real-time data
Improve operations with real-time data
last mile enabled
Reduce limitations by blindspots

Security should always be there

An ideal security system must always be on alert, and must always be on — never taking a break.

Your Security Should give you insights

An ideal security system should give you actual, useful information from the ground, that can boost your security efforts.

Your Security efforts should not stop at blindspots

An ideal security system should be proactive, and not stopped by spatial restrictions or blind spots.

S-I-Robot™ — A Comprehensive, State-of-the-Art Autonomous Security Network

After consulting with countless business owners and building owners, B-Robotics has designed and developed a comprehensive autonomous security network, consisting of autonomous surveillance robots and surveillance systems.

Atlas — Security Command & Control Center

S-I-Robot™ — Autonomous 24/7 Robots

Powered by Atlas — your new central security dashboard

B-Robotics brings the power of autonomous robotic implementation right to your fingertips. Access all of your robotic systems and robots, see the tasks/routes they’re going to next and more with our Atlas platform — your new central “Command & Control” security dashboard.

Route your robots directly

The Atlas platform equips you with the ability to reroute your S-I-Robot™’s operations in your premises, allowing you to easily change routes and/or tasks.

use from any device

Use Atlas from any device, be it a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Atlas works anywhere with a working internet connection.

real-time Monitoring

Atlas centralises all of your critical security information and data from your security efforts in one place, with datapoints captured from every security patrol.

ground to cloud data

Atlas streams real-time information from ground-to-cloud, so that your security team can make minute adjustments if needed, or respond with precision and speed.

Meet Your New Security Robot: S-I-Robot™

The S-I-Robot™ is B-Robotics' most advanced security robot to date: refined after tireless conversations with business owners and building owners to understand their security needs, and designing a custom robotic solution to meet and exceed them.

With S-I-Robot™, there’s no need to worry about human errors or blindspots. You get all the benefits of always-available operations, while eliminating guesswork from the equation with reliable security robots.
Pictures for illustration only. Adapted from SCargo.


S-I-Robot™ can be equipped with a suite of sensors that match (or even exceed) human senses.


Though S-I-Robot™ is autonomous, you're always in control. Take over manually anytime from Atlas.
Pictures for illustration only. Adapted from SCargo.

Smart, 10-Minute Charging Means Always-On Operations

S-I-Robot™ intelligently returns to charging docks (which require just standard electricity sockets) when the battery is low, requiring just 10 minutes to fully charge up. Thanks to our ultracapacitor battery technology, this means always-on security operations, and reduces your cost of robotic deployment.
10 Minute Charge Time
Intelligent Auto Dock

Full Service Maintenance So You’re Never Left Alone

Robotics transition shouldn’t be hard. But typical robotics solutions demand hefty maintenance costs and upkeep. With B-Robotics, you’ll never have to worry about spending a dime for keeping your robots in operation. With every deployment you make with B-Robotics, onsite repair and maintenance is automatically covered 24/7.
24/7 Technical Service
Onsite Service & Repair

Implement Our Autonomous Security Network For Less Than A Headcount Staff

With B-Robotics, robotic transition doesn’t have to be costly. Get a fully tailored robotic solution customized to your specific security needs for less than the cost of one security headcount.

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