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Autonomous Logistics Systems: SCargo™

B-Robotics helps companies build Autonomous Robots and Autonomous Networks that facilitate and automate a suite of logistical functions for better efficiency and uptime.
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Logistics: An Industry Ripe For Automation & Robotics

The Logistics Industry is a key economic contributor for Singapore. In 2015, the sector contributed 7.4% of Singapore’s GDP and employed 8.7% of our workforce.

With the advancement of technologies, modern warehouses can be equipped with a myriad of data analytics, automation and robotics solutions which can help logistics companies achieve higher productivity, speed, and inventory accuracy at a lower cost.
  • “As Singapore’s internet penetration surges to 82.5 per cent in 2016, consumers will expect the convergence of online and offline sales channels to create omni-channel customer experiences. This necessitates a new generation of logistics networks that “enable a single integrated channel of product flow”
    Tharman Shanmugaratnam
    Singapore Deputy Prime Minister

On A Mission To Facilitate Robotics Transition For Logistics Companies

While companies are eager to source for new and better ways to automate their distribution operations, the reality is that robotic implementation requires huge upfront costs and adept technical capabilities.

B-Robotics has identified some of the major challenges that impede companies from seriously considering to implement robotics into their logistical operations
High Initial Capital Outlay
Huge initial costs impede robotic adoption
Complex & Complicated
Many moving parts complicates adoption
Intensive Infrastructure
Huge infrastructural demands
High Initial Capital Outlay

Typical Robotic Systems Weigh Heavy On The Pockets

Robotic transitions are notoriously capital intensive, and require hefty upfront investments even before reaping the benefits.
Complex & Complicated

Robotic Systems are hard to manage & Maintain

In addition to being extremely costly, robotic adoption involves many moving parts, and can be complex to understand.
Intensive Infrastructure

Upfront Infrastructural costs puts off adoption

Current Robotics often require a revamp or significant reshuffle of existing infrastructure, which further adds on to costs.

SCargo™ — A Comprehensive, State-of-the-Art Autonomous Logistics Network

After consulting with countless business owners and logistical companies, B-Robotics has designed and developed a comprehensive logistics robotics system, consisting of autonomous logistics robots and systems that can accelerate robotics transition at a fraction of typical cost.

Atlas — Logistics Command & Control Center

SCargo™ — Autonomous 24/7 Robots

Get A Bird’s Eye View — Your New Central Operations Dashboard

B-Robotics brings the power of autonomous robotic implementation right to your fingertips. Access all of your robotic systems and robots, see the tasks/routes they’re going to next and more with the Atlas platform — your new “Command & Control” operations dashboard.

Route your robots directly

Our Atlas Platform gives you a centralized source of truth for managing your robotic fleet. Reroute your robots’ operations, manually operate your robots, and more from one single place.

use from any device

Use Atlas from any device, be it a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Atlas works anywhere with a working internet connection.

better clarity

Atlas centralises all of your critical data operations in one place. Eliminate guess-timates and estimations with data points captured at every stage of your operational cycle.

ground to cloud data

Atlas centralises all of your critical data operations in one place. Eliminate guess-timates and estimations with data points captured at every stage of your operational cycle.

Meet Your New Logistics Robot: SCargo™

The SCargo™ is B-Robotics' most advanced autonomous logistics robot to date: refined after tireless conversations with business owners and industry partners. Based on their needs, we’ve designed a custom robotic solution to meet and exceed them.

With SCargo™, there’s no need to worry about human errors or blindspots. You get all the benefits of always-available operations, while eliminating guesswork from the equation with reliable, heavy-duty robots.


SCargo™ is fully equipped with a range of capabilities that can be customized to your exact needs.


Though S-Cargo™ is autonomous, you're always in control. Take over manually anytime from Atlas.

Atlas Docks: 10 Minute Plug-n-play Charging Stations

Reap the benefits of always-on operations with Atlas Docks: our proprietary charging station for SCargo™.


Ultracapacitor batteries charge in minutes, are safer to handle, and have shelf lives that extend beyond their traditional counterparts.


SCargo™ intelligently returns to Atlas Dock for a 10 minute when the battery is low independently; enabling true always-on operations.

Full Service Maintenance So You’re Never Left Alone

Robotics transition shouldn’t be hard. But typical robotics solutions demand hefty maintenance costs and upkeep. With B-Robotics, you’ll never have to worry about spending a dime for keeping your robots in operation. With every deployment you make with B-Robotics, onsite repair and maintenance is automatically covered 24/7.
Full-Service Technicians
On-Call, On-Site 24/7

Implement Our Autonomous Logistics Network For Less Than A Headcount Staff

With B-Robotics, robotic transition doesn’t have to be costly. Get a fully tailored robotic solution customized to your specific logistical needs for less than the cost of one logistical headcount.

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If you’re interested in adopting robotic systems into your company today, but aren’t quite sure where to start, we’re here to help. Speak to our B-Robotic Success Specialists today, and we’ll help assist you with your brand’s robotic needs.

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