Exclusive: B-Robotics enters partnership with aIDrivers

B-Robotics is proud to announce a new joint venture with AIDrivers in an effort to spur further progress in autonomous robotic mobility. 

B-Robotics is proud to announce a new joint venture with AIDrivers. Together we will work on accelerating the field of autonomous robotics. AIDrivers is granting use of the Autonomous Intelligent Operating System (AIOS) software to B-Robotics to enable the incorporation and integration of this software into an array of B-Robotics platforms. This will enhance the intelligent pathfinding of the robotic equipment for indoor and outdoor operations.

AIDrivers’ AIOS software is equipped with precision 3D mapping and localisation to enable vehicles to navigate in mixed traffic within dynamic environments. The operating system combines 3D perception with situation awareness to enable safe autonomous driving.

AIDrivers' AIOS software will be applied to B-Robotics’ ATLAS robotic platform to be deployed in their upcoming family of products S-CARGO (Logistics), S-CLEAN (Cleaning), SPREE (Mobility Aid and Shopping) and SIRobot (Security). These robots use a standardised and common charging system to provide 24/7 coverage of logistics, security, cleaning and shopping aid services for smart buildings in smart cities. The adoption of the AIOS software will improve the operational efficiency and safety of these B-Robotics products in their operational environments.

B-Robotics offers a complete range of commercial and industrial building services served by robots using a common cloud-control system and charging infrastructure. Using their proprietary ATLAS CLOUD application, customers are able to provide secured multi-robot fleet management as well as to control their access via Smart lifts and Smart doors.

Working with B-Robotics is an innovative step for AIDrivers to excel in the arena of light-weight and micro-robotics. B-Robotics is already a cutting-edge pioneer in delivering state of the art robotics solutions to a range of different industries, and this partnership furthers our intention to develop full-scale autonomous robotics fit for the future of commercial enterprise.

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