Autonomous Smart Shopping Carts: S-PREE™

B-Robotics’ SPREE is a personal shopping cart/personal mobility unit that follows shoppers throughout their physical shopping experience, from supermarket to home, reimagining the last-mile in the process.
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Shakeups Expected in the Grocery Industry

Singapore is expected to rank as the 23rd largest grocery market in Asia.

However, employment shake ups are to be expected in this industry, which will result in movement and transformations. As part of the Industry Transformation Map, the Singapore government launched a series of initiatives helping companies “drive innovation, train workers and improve procurement practices.”

Singapore’s grocery market is expected to grow 14.5% annually from 2018 to $9.9b in 2023, led by FairPrice and Dairy Farm, according to the latest forecasts from international food and consumer goods researcher IGD Asia.

Supermarkets and convenience channels are set to grow in line with Singapore’s overall market, between 2.5% and 3.5% per year, whilst hypermarkets will have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.1%, as retailers focus on expanding their smaller stores.

Supermarkets are estimated to remain the main grocery format in Singapore, with a value of $5.7b, and accounting for 57.4% of sales by 2023.

Protecting & Growing Sales Is The Future In A Saturated Grocery Space

As the Grocery space becomes more saturated and mature over time in Singapore, there is a growing concern about maintaining customer loyalty in the cutthroat market of commodity selling.
  • “At more than half the total market value, protecting and growing sales in this channel should be a top priority for retailers and suppliers, Though growth will be challenging, brands can still capitalise on opportunities in traditional trade in value terms, and this area should remain a focus”
    Nick Miles
    Head Of Asia-Pacific at IGD

On A Mission To Disrupt The Last Mile In The Grocery Space

With the grocery market becoming highly saturated and complex, B-Robotics has examined the space, and concluded that the space of last-mile physical grocery travel — that gap where the consumer travels from supermarket to home — is ripe for entry.

S-PREE™ — A Smart Last Mile Personal Shopping Cart

After consulting with leading grocers and partners, B-Robotics has designed and developed S-PREE™, a smart last mile personal shopping cart that can accentuate the last mile experience for grocery shopping.

S-PREE™ offers competition-laden grocers avenues for them to take advantage of new technologies to learn more about purchase habits of customers, and utilise novel cross-sell and personalization tools to expand their market share.

A Rented Physical Shopping Cart That Follows You Around

S-PREE™ reimagines the entire physical grocery shopping experience, by assisting and following your shoppers throughout your store — all the way to their doorstep.


Once a S-PREE™ unit is rented, S-PREE™ intuitively follows them throughout their grocery shopping, acting as a physical shopping cart throughout the experience.


Customers place S-PREE™ shopping cart, which automatically processes their purchases. S-PREE™ comes with an internal scanner that checks out the items automatically.


S-PREE™ is able to trail behind the customer or be driven back home by the customer, completing the last-mile journey with them (using Follow-me).


Once customers have reached their destination, S-PREE™ is able to return home autonomously through hard-coded routes back to your supermarket.

Remote Delivery: Now Enabled

Thanks to the pre-programmed paths between your customers’ locations and your supermarket, S-PREE™ can autonomously travel between your customer’s home and your supermarket, enabling you to conduct remote delivery of goods and also to send the vehicle to fetch your customer from their house — right down to your supermarket. These touchpoints completely reimagine the shopping experience, allowing for crucial brand connections between consumers and you.
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